Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 minute pamper ideas

In the ideal world we'd all be able to spend hours pimping and preening our body to perfection. But after a hard day at work, sometimes you just want to collapse into bed after dinner. I often struggle to do much of a beauty routine during the week - I have my current one down to a cool 15 minutes. But I don't want to wait until the weekend to get some pampering in - or rather my skin can't wait till them. So I've put together a few pampering products that only add an extra five minutes onto your night time routine. You can even spread them out over the week!

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream c/o
I'm a sucker for anything Rose scented so obviously this product had me at hello! I pop it on my hands just before I nod off to sleep. I find it a bit too thick for frequent use during the day but it's a perfect intense moisturiser. My hands feel so soft and supple the next day. It's a lifesaver especially in this continuous cold weather!

No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser
I always stock up on this when Boots have their skincare vouchers. This is such a staple in my skincare collection - I can't sing it's praises enough. When I have more energy, I use this product to double cleanse my face. It helps to make sure every last scrap of make up has been removed. It only takes a few minutes but it makes a world of difference.

Lotil Cream with Aloe Vera Extract c/o
Feet are often forgotten about when it comes to personal grooming. This thick, luscious cream is perfect to slather on before you go to bed. Pop on a pair of socks to lock it in and voila you'll wake up with gorgeous tootsies. It literally takes a minute and the rewards will be great!

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Purifying Clay Mask
I found this tucked under my endless toiletries pile and decided to give it a whirl before Christmas. Since then it's become a staple. It only stays on your face for five minutes before you wash it off - perfect for when your bed is calling! It has quite a thin formula so it feels like it dries in an instant. Beware of a slight tingly feeling as it dries - it's nothing to worry about. My skin always feels so refreshed and I can notice the difference the next day.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner  c/o
As much as I love a deep conditioner, sometimes I haven't got the time or patience to wait ten minutes for it to work it's magic. This product takes just three minutes to make your hair silky smooth. I usually use it around three times a week to help my hair keep it's shine. You'll need a dollop the size of a golf ball and make sure you smooth it down to your very tips. It's fantastic if your hair is feeling a little dry.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Places to stay: Lancaster London

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of an overnight stay in Lancaster London through work. It was such a pleasure that I've decided to blog about it too!

Based just a few steps away from Lancaster Gate tube station, the hotel is in a superb location. It overlooks the superb Hyde Park. We stayed in a room on the 18th floor and were rewarded with stunning view of the city. You could literally see for miles!

If you're after a few nights of luxury, you've come to the right place. The staff were so helpful and really couldn't do enough. We had a handwritten note in the room from the manager and a cheeky trio of delicious macaroons to scoff. The bed? Oh that bed! It was huge and so comfortable with massive soft feather pillows. I didn't want to leave the room. We were even treated to a special turndown service when we ventured back to our room after dinner. It was so lovely to see our bed covers pulled back and a pair of slippers next the bed ready to pop on. It's the little things that make a stay feel so special. The hotel isn't cheap but for a special treat you can't go wrong. It's a great location in London and you're within walking distance of so many highlights.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park


Like I've mentioned before, last weekend I ventured over to the West part of town. We decided to have a little mooch around Holland Park as my boyfriend and I had never been before. I was in awe of all the peacocks strutting around like they owned the place - they even came right up and just walked inches in front me. Amazing!

I'd read about the Japanese Kyoto Garden so we attempted to try and find it. We struck gold when we stumbled upon it. I can imagine it'll look beautiful in the summer when it's started to bloom. It's not very big but it was lovely to wander around taking it all in. If it wasn't frostbite-inducing weather I'd have liked to sit down and soak it all up. Alas it's just an excuse to come back again. Next time I'll bring a good book and enjoy the serene surroundings.