Sunday, 25 January 2015

Green with envy

Forest green jersey pleated midi dress: ASOS (similar)
Black faux leather quilted jacket: Zara (similar)
Dark green satin and glitter courts: c/o My Colour Studio

Feeling a little risqué in this dress with the knees peeking out when I walk - the woes of a midi skirt lover. This dress was an ASOS sale purchase back before Christmas and this is it's first outing without the tags. The sign of too many clothes eh? When I opted for these gorgeous shoes, I had this dress in mind when they asked what colour I'd like them to be dyed. Although marketed towards weddings and special occasions, these shoes work well in a more casual aspect too. It's such a genius idea to be able to pick an exact colour you'd like your shoes to be dyed. How many times have you bought a dress and then struggled for months to find some suitable shoes that match? You can also treat yourself to a handbag too.  Rainbow Club have really found a space in the market!

Friday, 23 January 2015

5 tips to relax and switch off

If you're anything like me, you run at 100 mph and constantly have something or another swirling around in your head. I have a very busy job - not that I'm complaining as I like to keep to be kept on my toes - and often don't get indoors until just 7.45pm. Sometimes I have events in the evening and weekends to attend to as well. Then there's always something I have to do whether it's blogging - certainly not a chore! - , ebaying, life admin or running round to see people. Like the old lady I am, I like to be in bed for 10 so it's very rush rush rush. I never really have time to switch off and relax. Something my sanity is beginning to get annoyed with. I've tried to make a conscious effort to step back and put things on hold to try and get some 'me' time. It's good for the soul!

1. Read a book.
The classic way to shut out the world and forget about everything in your life is to open a good book. It's so easy to lose yourself in someone else's world for 30 minutes or so. There are so many great books out to pick up and it's a great way to keep your brain ticking over. Sometimes we all get too wrapped up in work and forget to enjoy the simple things in life. More the often the book is much better than the film so pick it up first to read!

2. Bake a cake.
I personally find baking to be really therapeutic and relaxing. There's nothing I love more than getting my bake on. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate and you'll have plenty of time to fit it in during the evening - a classic Victoria Sponge is my favourite to make. Always a winner! It hardly takes any time at all to whip up and whilst it's cooking for 30 minutes you can veg out like broccoli (ten points if you get the movie reference) in front of the telly. Then cut the cake and veg out some more! You'll get lots of brownie points if you take it into work for your colleagues!

3. Slob out in front of Netflix.
Netflix has to be up there with one of the best adventures in the world. There's so many different films, documentaries and series on there to keep you occupied for hours. Even if you've only got half an hour to spare before you want to switch your light out, there's always something to catch you eye. I know a lot of people say telly isn't a good thing before bed but it helps me. Sometimes I nod off before something has almost finished. If you don't have Netflix, pop on your favourite DVD and remember exactly why you love it so much!

4. Experiment in the kitchen.
Like I mentioned before I find cooking very relaxing. I get such pleasure out of following a recipe and actually making something edible to eat. It's a great way to keep your mind fresh and you tend to forget about everything else as you're concentrating on following instructions. There are plenty of good books out that specialise in quick and simple meals so it won't take up your whole evening. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try and make a recipe up yourself?

5. Pamper yourself.
After a long day at work, nothing feels better then giving yourself some TLC. Paint your nails, pop on a face mask, have a bubble bath or put on your expensive special cleanser on your face as a treat. It's important to look after yourself as you only get one body! You don't want your stress starting to appear on your face do you now?!

So tell me, what do you do to switch off?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New In - The Cambridge Satchel Company

I've had my eye on a satchel for a good year but like a lot of things I have my eye on, I just never got round to buying one. Things get in the way and as much as I;d love too, I just can't buy big purchases willing nilly. I have important things to pay out for like bills. And holidays. But I was browsing Covent Garden last Friday and thought I'd pop into The Cambridge Satchel Company shop for a mooch around. I was greeted by the SALE sign so obviously wandered over to have a look. This beauty caught my eye immediately and I may have let out a audible gasp when I saw the very attractive price tag. £37.50 down from £125. Bargain or what!

My mum very kindly said she'd treat me as an extra Birthday present and I paid the extra to have my initials embossed in gold. Isn't she gorgeous? I opted for a 14" so I could store my MacBook when I get it at the end of the month.  In a bizarre twist of fate she matches my boyfriends new car exactly. If that isn't fate then I don't know what it!